Grace Hosiery

Burlington, NC

Grace Hosiery Mills, Inc., Tucker Street, Burlington. Incorporated April 7, 1927, manufactured men’s fancy and dress hosiery.


Founding Board of Directors:

Reid A. Maynard – President

J. E. Moore – father­in­law. Four times mayor of Burlington 1912­1919. Owner, President, Standard Grocery Co. and owner of a livery stable in Burlington.

Grover D. Moore – Brother of J. E. Moore

Sam G. Moore – Brother of J. E. Moore

E. H. Scott – Superintendent of the mill

J. I. Somers – Owner, insurance agency in Burlington

Grace M. Maynard – Wife of Reid A. Maynard, daughter of J. E. Moore

E. H. Moore – Brother of Grace – Manager of Standard Grocery Co, Burlington

Sold to wholesalers and national retail chains through Murphy, Brill and Sahner, Inc. – a New York sales agency, which acted exclusively for Grace Hosiery Mills and Lynchburg Hosiery Mills, Virginia. The agency was located in the Empire State Building, New York City. James W. Maynard, son of the founder, was Executive Vice President of Grace Hosiery Mills, Inc., between 1959­1968. Grace was liquidated in 1968.



Grace Hosiery late 1930s




Grace Hosiery Building, Tucker Street, Burlington, April 2009
Photo: Gary N. Mock





Source: James W. Maynard, personal interview, April, 2009.