Gaffney Manufacturing

Gaffney, SC

Gaffney Manufacturing Co. was one of the old greige mills operated by Deering­Milliken when I joined the company in 1967. As a portion of our training program in MMOP (Middle Management Orientation Program), we toured a number of the local plants near Spartanburg to get an idea of the breadth of the manufacturing operations within the company. It didn’t matter whether you were a dye superintendent or a research chemist, everybody got the same orientation. Most of the others in the class had several years of production management experience ­ hence middle­management.I can still picture the old jack shafts mounted in the ceilings. They must have dated to the turn of the 20th century or earlier when these post cards were printed.


Gaffney Manufacturing Co.






Gaffney Manufacturing and the Cotton Market, Gaffney, SC





Photos courtesy of Bill Wornall
Postcard Collection