Copland Industries

Hopedale, NC 

James R. Copland, Sr. and George H. Fowler founded Copland Fabrics, Inc. in 1941 at the junction of Stony Creek and the Haw River. The original building dating to 1832 was built on the site of a grist mill by John Trollinger. Jesse Gant was an investor but not an active partner. The operation has been in constant operation since 1832, making it the oldest continuing mill in operation in North Carolina.


High Falls Manufacturing Company 1832. Oldest continuously-­operating mill in North Carolina





The original Copland business was dedicated to the production of filament rayon. Finishing was added in 1948 and incorporated as Copland, Inc. A sales organization was created and located in New York City. James Copland, Jr. retired in 1955 and his son, James, Jr. took over and remained in charge until 1986. James Copland III, the current CEO, expanded the business into pocketing, commercial finishing, furniture decking, table rounds, lamp shade fabric, tablecloths, ironing board covers and 100% cotton prepare­for­print for men’s and women’s apparel. In 1999, Copland, Inc. became Copland Industries. Copland is the largest supplier of filament­based goods to the ready­made curtain market.


James R. Copland, Sr. 1951
Builders of Alamance








James R. Copland, Jr. 1951
Builders of Alamance








George Fowler, 1951
Builders of Alamance







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