Clinchfield Mill

Marion, NC

Marion Manufacturing Co. and Clinchfield Mill

The Marion Manufacturing Co. plant is about one mile east of Marion, N.C. The Clinchfield mills are less than a mile further east. The group of three mills operated under the management of D. D. Little, of Spartanburg, S.C., and Hugh F. Little, his son. The Clinchfield Mill was designed by J E Sirrine, mill engineers. Sirrine ads.


Marion Manufacturing, Marion, NC prior to 1911 (Postmark dated February 11, 1911) Bill Wornall Textile Postcard Collection





Posselt’s Journal 1910.




Northrup/Draper looms installed 1914. Draper Shop Records.  Source: Peter Metzke

Marion Manufacturing Co., Clinchfield Manufacturing Co., and the large new mill now under construction represent an investment of approximately three million dollars. Clinchfield No. 2 will probably be in operation early in the autumn 1917. The three mills will have a total equipment of one hundred and one thousand spindles. All of the mills manufacture wide print cloths. 1

Source: 1. Textile World Record, June 1917

Despite the construction of a seemingly model mill village and a modern mill, the working conditions led to a strike as the owners attempted to operate these mills through the roaring twenties.


Bill Wornall Textile
Postcard Collection






Mill Hands Strike

These troops gathered at the Clinchfield Mill gate await the orders of Maj. Patterson of Statesville of the regular army and Judge Towsen (with hat). The troops were required when strikers of the Clinchfield Mill clashed with local sheriffs. Warrants were sworn out for the 148 members of the United Textile Workers of the Clinchfield and Marion Mfg. Mills. The local sheriffs asked for the protection of the North Carolina National Guardsmen. 9/1/29

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