Burlington House Furniture

In 1972, Lexington, NC was the center of the Burlington House Furniture Division, under the leadership of J. Robert Philpott, President .  According to the Lexington, NC Dispatch, more than 1700 people were employed at various sites in the county.  The United Furniture Company, founded by the Philpott family was sold to Burlington in 1969.  The sites included the West Center Street Plant, United, Philpott, and Table plants.  BHF also operated a Globe Furniture plant and National Upholstery Plant in High Point, and a Raleigh Road Furniture plant in Robbinsville.  The BHF division produced Globe, United and Raleigh Road lines of living room, dining room, bedroom and upholstered furniture and tables.  National Upholstery, with plants in High Point and Denton, NC, was merged into other Burlington furniture operations.

Source:  Lexington, NC, The Dispatch, October 6, 1972.