Bellemont Cotton Mill

Belmont, NC

The Belmont (or Bellemont) community lies several miles south of Graham, NC on NC 49. The Great Alamance Creek flows easterly and was the location of a successful cotton mill built in 1879 by Lawrence Banks (L. Banks) Holt. The cotton mill, once owned by Burlington Industries, is now deserted.


Figure:  NC 49 looking north. Troops under Governor Tryon fought against rebellious regulators along the Alamance Creek in 1771, October 2008


Figure:   Mill village houses along NC 49, October 2008


Figure:   Poison Ivy vine wrapped around a building capital, October 2008


Figure:   Lawrence Banks Holt (L. Banks Holt) Owner, Bellemont Cotton Mills 1895 News& Observer


Figure:   The Bellemont Cotton Mill, Nov. 28, 1895  News & Observer


Figure:   Bellemont Cotton Mill ­- overgrown and neglected, October 2008


Figure:   Morton B. Whorton, Jr. Manager, Bellemont Cotton Mill 1895 News & Observer


Figure:   Belmont Plant of Burlington Industries, Unknown date

bellemont_alamance_creek_damFigure:   Timbers in Alamance Creek believed to be remnants of an old dam. Viewed from NC49 bridge