Albany Felt

Albany, New York

The Albany Felt Company was founded in Albany, NY by three business investors, James W. Cox, Parker Corning, and Selden Marvin, in 1895 to supply paper­making felts to the paper industry. Since that time, Albany has grown and is today Albany International, the world’s largest supplier of felts to the paper industry. Corning for one was from a wealthy family. His grandfather Erastus Corning was the first president of the New York Central railroad. Cox became president and held that office until retirement in 1918. He died June 9, 1935. 1,2 Parker Corning died May 24, 1937.

In 1951, Albany Felt announced they would build thee first plant in Canada. Lewis R. Parker, Executive Vice President made the announcement that the undisclosed site would join plants in Albany and Hoosick Falls, NY and North Monmouth, ME. 3 Lewis R. Parker became President August 3, 1954 succeeding Frederick McDonald who became Vice Chairman of the Board. Charles P. Drumm was Board Chairman. 4


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