Textile Bookmark Calendar Tapes – 2000s

The design of unique bookmarks including a calendar continued for 2000 and 2001. In 2000, a clever interlacing of red and black yarns dominated the design with “College of Textiles” included.  At the top, in gold letters, the design included “N C State.”  Across the bottom, the message given was “ Weaving the Dreams of Tomorrow.”

In 2001, an abstract circular design in gold and black included “College of Textiles.”

Textile Bookmark - 2000Textile Bookmark - 2001 Textile Bookmark - 2002Textile Bookmark - 2003

Godfrey asked: “Why not enlarge the design and forget about the calendar?” The result was a dramatic howling wolf standing atop an abstract ground of gold, white and red blocks.  “NCSU” in bold red letters across the top.  “Textiles 2002 “ across the bottom completed the new design.

The 2003 design again featured a howling wolf set among various blocks of red, black accenting white lettering “NCSU”, “College of Textiles”, and “2003.”

Textile Bookmark - 2004

The next four years featured horizontal designs.  2004 used a new red, green and black swoosh motif recently adopted as the College logo.

Textile Bookmark - 2005

The bookmark for 2005 was all black with gold 2005 lettering.

Textile Bookmark - 2006

The 2006 bookmark was a random almost rice-like pattern accented in red on a white background.  A speckled gold border enhanced the richness of the design.

Textile Bookmark - 2007

The 2007 bookmark used gold and black as the background, “2007 was green outlined in white and “College of Textiles” was scrolled across the tape in red letters outlined in black.

Textile Bookmark - 2008

The College celebrated 65 years of North Carolina State Textile Foundation support with the 2008 bookmark.

Textile Bookmark - 2009

Finally, the decade closed with a vertical design using balls of yarn to celebrate 2009, the 110yh year since the founding of the textile program.