Our Focus

Our research interest is understanding how the microenvironment influences cellular differentiation and function. We aim to fabricate tunable biomaterials so we can understand the individual contributions of the microenvironment and analyze the cellular response.

Cardiac Tissue Engineering

  1. Electroconductive scaffolds to mature induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes
  2. Identifying the optimal timing of electrical stimulation for cardiac differentiation
  3. Decellularized ECM electrospun matrices to guide cardiac differentiation
  4. Collaborating with the Shirwaiker group to bioprint cardiac tissue

Corneal Tissue Engineering

  1. Optimizing a trans endo-/epi-thelial electrical resistance testing protocol
  2. Recapitulating the corneal stroma layer using synthetic materials for a tissue engineered dual-sided cornea
  3. Developing a biosynthetic, drug-infused corneal bandage
  4. Collaborating with the Budhathoki-Uprety group to develop biosensors for corneal tissue engineering

General Microenvironment Tissue Engineering

  1. Using collagen fibers for tissue engineering
  2. Identifying the mechanisms through which the microenvironment influences mesodermal differentiation
  3. Collaborating with the Fang group to develop dynamic scaffolds using “robot fibers”

Pathogen Activity on Textile Surfaces

  1. Evaluating the efficacy of antimicrobial and antiviral treatments over time on textile surfaces
  2. Developing improved standardized protocols for evaluating residual pathogen activity on textile surfaces