Previous Members (Ph.D.)

James F. Esancy

An Approach to the Design of Nonmutagenic Azo Dyes, 1988.


Sung-Dong Kim

Synthesis of Bulky and Rigid Spin Probes and a Study of their Mobility in Nylon 6 Film By ESR Spectroscopy, 1989.


Stanley A. McIntosh

Structure and Photolytic Properties of ortho-Substituted Monoazo and Disazo Disperse Dyes, 1990.


James C. Posey, Jr.

An Approach to the Design of Lightfast Disperse Dyes, 1990.


Whei-Neen Hsu

Design of Photofade Resistant Synthetic Dyes, 1991.


Mary E. Mason

Disperse Dyes Containing an Oxalanilide Photostabilizing Moiety, 1994.


Christopher A. Odilora

Synthesis and Evaluation of Analogs of Disperse Red 60, 1994.


Laura C. Edwards

The Aquatic Toxicity and Mutagenicity of Azo and Formazan Dyes, 1996.


Jason Lye

Semi-empirical methods in dye chemistry: studies involving disperse and metal complex dyes, 1998


Sachin B. Nayar

Hydrolyzed Reactive Dyes in the Coloration of Textile Fibers, 1998.


Michelle K. Esancy

Synthetic Dyes Based on the Dihydrophenophosphazine Ring System, 1999.


Jin-Seok Bae

Synthesis of Nongenotoxic Direct Dyes, 2001.


Ahmed El-Shafei

An MO Approach to the Design of Organic Pigments, 2002.


Monthon Nakpathom

Synthesis of Surface-Active Disperse Dyes, 2002.


Potjanart Suwanruji

The Design, Synthesis and Application of Easy Wash off Reactive Dyes 2004.


Jinlong Wang

Phenylene Homologs of Benzidine: Mutagenicity and use in Organic Dyes and Pigments Synthesis, 2004.


Nattaya Punrattanasin

Synthesis and Application of Azo Dyes in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, 2006.


Euigyung Jeong

Synthesis, Mutagenicity, and Metabolism of Substituted 4,4’-Aminoalkoxyazobenzene Dyes, 2008.


Shiqi Li

One Step Dyeing and Durable Press Finishing of Cotton, 2008.


Bohyung Kim

Molecular Engineered Sensitizers Containing Heterocyclic Spacers in a D-π-A System and their Use in DSSCs, 2012.


Alexandra Ormond

Synthesis and Characterization of Porphyrin and Formazan Dyes as Potential PDT Sensitizers, 2013.


Nahid Mehraban 

Design and Synthesis of Phthalocyanine Macrocycles for Photodynamic Therapy; A combined study using Molecular Modeling and Drug Delivery, 2015.


Yi Ding 

Color Gamut Comparison Methodology and Evaluation for Textile Ink Jet Printing, 2016.


Syed Zaidy 

Atmospheric Plasma Induced Coloration of Textile Fibers, 2016.


Xiuzhu Fei

Towards Closed Loop Recycling of Polyester Fabric, 2017.


Tuane Santos

Natural Dyes: Structure Modification and Environmental Properties, 2018.

Tova N. Williams

Approaches to the Design of Sustainable Permanent Hair Dyes, 2018.