Previous Members (M.S.)

Cynthia S. Williard

Chromatographic Procedures for the Purification of Synthetic Dyestuffs, 1986.


Whei-Neen Hsu

Photolytic Behavior of Disperse Dyes on Nylon and Polyester Substrates, 1986.


Bonita L. Richardson

Characterization of the Photodegradation Products of State-of-the-Art Disperse Dyes on PET Fabric, 1992.


Laura Cleveland

A Study of the Photostability of Disperse-Dyed Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Films, 1993.


Julie P. Clemmons

The Characterization of the Mutagenicity of Selected Phenylenediamine Based Azo Dyes, 1995.


Heather A. Bardole

Iron(II) and Iron(III) as Alternatives to Chromium the Metallization of Mordant Dyes, 1996.


Monthon Nakpathom

Synthesis and evaluation of nonmutagenic monoarylide and diarylide pigments, 1997.


Natacha Berthelon

The Contribution of PET to the Photodegradation of Disperse Dyes, 1998.


Stephen D. Shaw

Characterization of the Products of Enzyme-Assisted Dye Synthesis, 1999.


Potjanart Suwanruji

Synthesis of a Universal Dye for Textile Fibers, 2000.


Euigyung Jeong

Aminoalkoxy-azobenzene dyes: Studies Leading to an Understanding of their Mutagenicity, 2004.


Rebecca Berger

Fiber Reactive Dyes with Improved Affinity and Fixation Efficiency, 2005.


Mengnan Zhao

Synthesis and Application of Novel Heterobifunctional Reactive Dyes, 2006.


Kangqin Chen

HPLC Analysis Reactive Dye Mixtures, 2006.


Matthew J. Farrell

Color Matching and Utilization of Teegafix High Efficiency Reactive Dyes in a Production Setting, 2007.


Aaron Horton

Novel Reactive Dyes Based on Pyrimidine and Quinoxaline Systems, 2009.


Mian S. Sohail

Enzyme Facilitated Design on Denim, 2011.


Karen York

Isolation, Characterization, and Application of Tobacco Based Colorants to Cotton, 2012.


Yi Ding

A Comparison of Mordant and Natural Dyes in Dyeing Cotton Fabrics, 2013.


Xiuzhu Fei

Decolorization of Dyed Polyester Fabrics using Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate, 2015.


Chengyang Liu

Characterization of the Effects of a Pretreatment on Dark Colored Polyester Fabrics, 2016.


Yixin Liu

Decolorization of Reactive Dye Dimerization for Enhanced Affinity to Cotton Fibers, 2016.