Disposal or Transfer of State Property

All surplus/transfer requests should go through the go.ncsu.edu/tx-facilities request process. Here are the rules that govern transfers, loans, and disposal.

Disposition policy:
This provides clear guidance on the disposal/transfer/loans of ALL NCSU property – regardless of value.
https://policies.ncsu.edu/regulation/reg-10-05-16/ – SPARCS/C&G PRR that provides property guidance specifically for research labs and activities.
https://policies.ncsu.edu/regulation/reg-07-40-01/ – Materials Managment REG 07.40.01 – Disposal of University Property
NOTE:  Of particular value to you will be the decision tree at the end of the document providing a snap shot view of how to handle the disposal/transfer/loan of NCSU property.
CAPITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (CAMS) – assetmanagement@ncsu.edu