Day 1: Alternative Fibers – Hemp

March 16th, 2022

Larry Smart – Cornell University

Breeding and Genetics of Hemp for Fiber Production

David Suchoff – NC State University

Fiber Hemp Production in the Southeast: Limitations, Success, and Future Prospects

Graham Page – VF Corporation

Back to the Future – American Hemp

Eric Henry – TS Designs

The journey to bring hemp back to the US

Kayla Heard – Global Hemp Association

Hemp as a Modern Textile

Micheal Long – Renaissance Fiber

Industrial hemp and CO2: Estimating the potential for textile production with net-negative atmospheric emission.

Mark Sunderland – Hemp Black

As Hemp is a leader in sustainability, a new global marketplace emerges, built on Innovation, technology, performance and products for the commercial supply chain and consumer

Mery Herbosa – PYRATEX

The Circularity on Alternative Fibers

Taimour Azhar – The Hempville

Processing equipment, product development and supply chain

Guy Carpenter – Bear Fiber

Opportunities and Challenges in short-staple spinning of textile grade hemp fiber

Marty Clemons – Industrial Hemp Summit, Southeast Hemp Association

Creating a Regenerative/Organic Supply System for Hemp

Jeff Rosichan – Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research

Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate Hemp Crop Development

David Klein – MENDS, LLC and ThinkHemp, LLC

Smart Hemp Zones and Systems

Lokendra Pal – NC State

Innovating Sustainable Fibers and Bioproducts from Industrial Hemp Production

Caroline Cockerham – CICIL

CICIL / All Natural Rugs for Home & Habitat

Josh Nusenbaum – SeFF Fibre

Gary Sikes – Bountiful Harvest

A farmer’s perspective of growing hemp for textiles in NC

Enrica Arena – Orange Fiber

Orange Fiber, sustainable fabrics from citrus juice by-products

Day 2: Circularity in Textiles

March 17th, 2022

Sonja Salmon – NC State University

A Molecular Perspective on Textile Circularity

Ciara Cates – Patagonia

Challenges and Successes in the Journey to Circularity

Sarah Coulter – Accelerating Circularity

From post-consumer waste to Feedstock: transforming materials, transforming industry

Kevin Dooley – The Sustainability Consortium

Project WearEver: Sustainable clothing through value per use

Christo Stanev – Evrnu

Working to make the global apparel industry fully circular by 2050

Rachel Raineri – NC State University

Biomimicry in Textiles

Krystle Moody Wood – Materevolve

Evolving Textile Systems Through the Lens of Soil, Sea and Circularity

Beth Stewart – Redress Raleigh

Kristin Schillings – Green Zone Recycling

Paths Forward for Credential Clothing Collection

Sean Su – Circ

Threading the future of sustainable textiles

Jimmy Summers – Elevate Textiles

Water Circularity in Textile Manufacturing

LaRhea Pepper – Textile Exchange

Driving positive impacts on climate through fiber production

Karen Leonas – NC State

Using education to promote sustainability in the textile industry

Alexandra Jannetty – AlgiKnit

AlgiKnit: Transforming the Fashion Ecosystem

Gautam Alashe – Natural Fiber Welding

CLARUS┬« – Performance meets circularity and sustainability

Jennifer Thompson – COLOURizd

Sustainable Coloration for Sustainable Fibers

Cheryl Smyre – CiCLO

CICLO®: A Paradigm Shift in Synthetic Textiles

Seeram Ramakrishna – National University of Singapore

Greenwashing and circularity standards