Current members

2003- Renzo Shamey1 Renzo Shamey

Ciba Professor of Color Science and Technology, University Scholar, Director of Color Science and Imaging Labs, Director of Polymer and Color Chemistry Program, North Carolina State University.

David_Hinks1 David Hinks
Cone Mills Professor of Textile Chemistry; Dean Wilson College of Textiles; North Carolina State University.

RGKuehni Rolf G Kuehni

Adjunct Professor, Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science, North Carolina State University

DR.Trussell H Joel Trussell

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University.

yu-lin Dr. Yu Lin
Postdoctoral Associate, North Carolina State University. (2015 – Present)


 Meiqin Wu 

2016-2018, Visiting Scholar, Donghua University, Shanghai, China.

 Daniel Hines
2018, Chair: Dr. Shamey, Assessing the role of glare in measurements with optical devices

2011- Muhammad Zubair1 Muhammad Zubair
2018, Chair: Dr. Shamey, Development of a diagnostic expert system for coloration of fiber blends.

Sajeesh Kulappurath
2018, Chair: Dr. Shamey, Visual and Instrumental Determination of Texture

 Heekwang Koo
2018, Chair: Dr. Shamey, Dermatological Application of Colorants

 Nian Xiong
2019, Chair: Dr. Shamey, Characterization of colors in a multicolored patterns

 Jiayin Wu
2021, Chair: Dr. Shamey,

 Zhenhua Luo
2021, Chair: Dr. Shamey,

  Kazi Islam

2021, Chair: Dr. Shamey,

jiajun-liu Jiajun Liu

2019, Chairs: Dr. Chapman, Shamey

 Kaylin Sutton
2018, An examination of factors affecting the perceived facial attractiveness of Caucasian and Oriental subjects

 Hailey Lindell
2017, 2018, An examination of the light fastness of reactive dyes on conventional and cationic cotton under accelerated daylight and LED lights.

 Emily Rundle
2017, 2018, An examination of perceptual and colorimetric blackness of fabrics dyed with commercial black dyes

Dr. Shamey is pleased to consider applications for independent undergraduate research projects from qualified Junior and Senior PCC students within the structure of PCC490 course. For further information please send an email.



zhi-chen Zhi Chen
2016-2017, Visiting Scholar, Jiangnan University, Jiangsu, China

zhongjian-li Zhongjian Li 
2016-2017, Visiting Scholar, Jiangnan University, Jiangsu, China

huanda-zheng Dr. Huanda Zheng
2015-2016, Coloration of polypropylene, Jiangnan University, China.

shuangyan-wu Shuangyan Wu
2015-2016, Dyeing of polyimide fibers, Jiangnan University, China.

jiajun-liu Jiajun Liu
2015-2016, Inkjet printing, Wuhan Textile University, China.

2012- Eunjou Yi1 Dr. Eunjou Yi
2012-2013, Cross cultural comparison of color terms and preference, Jeju National University, Jeju, Korea.

2012- Yuzheng Lu1 Dr. Yuzheng Lu
2012-2013, Study of Texture, Jiangnan University, Jiangsu, China.

Merce Alsina Merce Alsina Costabella
2008, Brunescence, Spain.

El-Gammal Mahmud Elgammal
2008; Synthesis of nano scale and UV curable binding agents for textile pigment coloration, Egypt.

Maqbool Hussain Dr. Maqbool Hussain
2007-2008, Synthesis and application of fluorescent brightening agents, Pakistan.

Senthil Kumar Dr. Senthilkmar Muthusamy
2006- 2007; Study of the effect of moisture content, and temperature on measured color of cotton fabrics, India.

lin-luo Dr. Lin Luo (2015 – 2016)
Juan Lin Dr. Juan Lin (2013 – 2014)

El-Tahlawy Dr. Khaled El-Tahlawy (2015 – 2016)

Changhai Xu Dr. Changhai Xu (2009-2010)

Lina Cardenas Dr. Lina Cardenas-Bayona (2009-2010)

Sonali Sonali Mandal
2017, Chairs, Dr. Hauser,and Dr. Shamey, Colorimetric Characteristics of Cationized Cotton Dyed with Anionic Colorants

2011- Renbo Cao1 Dr. Renbo Cao
Color Scientist at Axalta Coating Systems, USA

2015, Chair: Dr. Shamey, Development of an instrumental technique for quality control of complex colored patterns.

Kiarash Arangdad Dr. Kiarash Arangdad
Research and Development Chemist at Burlington Labs, USA

2016, Chair: Dr. Shamey and Dr. H. Freeman, Weathering of Co-Polyester in Outdoor Condition.

2010- Weethima Sawatwarakul1 Dr. Weethima Sawatwarakul
Head of Silk Research at Jim Thompson, Thailand

2014, Chair:Dr. Shamey, Development of a diagnostic expert system for coloration of protein fibers.

Lin Juan Dr. Juan Lin
Color Scientist at Ricoh Americas Corporation, USA

2013, PhD, Chair: Dr. Shamey. Factors Affecting the Perception and Measurement of Optically Brightened White Textiles.

2008- Berdan Kalav1 Dr. Berdan Kalav
Academic at Istanbul Technical University, Turkey,

2012, PhD, Chairs: Shamey, Dayioglu, Development of a diagnostic expert system for inkjet printing of cotton substrates.

2009-Gang Fang1 Dr. Gang Fang
Senior Imaging Scientist at Konica Minolta US Lab, USA

2012, PhD, Co-Chairs: Shamey-Hinks; Development of Instrumental Techniques for Color Assessment of Camouflage Patterns.

Reid Clonts Dr. J. Reid Clonts Haslup
Science Teacher at O’Neal School, USA

2011, PhD, Co-Chairs: Shamey-Hinks; Perception of Blackness and the Formulation of a Blackness Index.

Mehmet Ozturk Dr. Mehmet Ozturk
Research Scientist, Solum Inc, USA

2011, PhD at Istanbul Technical University, Co-Chairs: Shamey-Dayioglu; Optimization & Study of Exhaustion Profiles in the Dyeing of Cotton.

Woosub Shim1 Dr. Woo Sub Shim
Technical Research Officer at Ministry of Environment, Korea

2009, PhD, Co-chairs: Shamey-Joines; Development of a Diagnostic Expert System for the Dyeing of Polyester Substrates.

Changhai Xu Dr. Changhai Xu
Professor, Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China

2009, PhD, Co-chairs: Hinks-Shamey; The Chemistry and Perception of Fluorescent White Textile Materials.

Lina Cardenas Dr. Lina Cardenas-Bayona
Assistant Professor, University of Chile, Chile

2009, PhD, Co-chairs: Shamey-Hinks; Evaluation of Variability in Visual Assessment of Small Color Differences.

Kamran Iqbal Kamran Iqbal
Textile Research & Innovation Center of Pakistan

2008, MS, Chair: Shamey; Development of a visual data set around a CIE high chroma blue color center.

Seung Geol Lee Dr. Seung Geol Lee
Assistant Professor, Pusan National University, Korea

2007, MS, Co-chairs: Shamey-Jasper; Assessment of Metrics in Color Spaces.

Redowan Bilal Shah Dr. Reduwan Bilal Shah
Research Associate, Durham University, UK

2007, PhD, Co-chairs: Christie-Shamey; The Molecular Design, Synthesis and Application of Photochromic Dyes on Protein Substrates.

Mukesh Kumar Sinha Dr. Mukesh Kumar Sinha
Assistant Director, Defense research labs, India

2006, PhD, Co-chairs: Shamey-Christie; An Investigation of the Photodegradation of a Nylon Support Net used in Exhibition of Historic Textiles.

Syed Iqbal Ahmed Dr. Syed Iqbal Ahmed
Process Engineer, UK

2005, PhD, Co-chairs: Shamey-Mather; Coloration of Polypropylene: Prospects and Challenges.

Mohammad Basher Mohammad K. Basher
Sourcing & Production Manager at East Coast Lifestyle Clothing Inc., Canada

2005, MPhil, Co-chairs: Wardman-Shamey; An Investigation on the Characteristics and Role of Surface Deposits Formed on the Wool Fiber During the Dyeing Process with Metal-Complex Dyes and Minimising Their Formation.

tanveer-hussain Dr. Tanveer Hussain
Dean, National Textile University, Pakistan

2004, PhD, Co-chairs: Shamey-Wardman; Development of an expert system for the coloration of cotton substrates.

Xiaoming Zhao Dr. Xiaoming Zhao
Professor, Tianjin Polytechnic University, China

2004, PhD, Co-chairs: Shamey-Wardman; Modelling of the Mass Transfer and Fluid Flow in Package Dyeing Machines.

Anne 1Anne MacLean
2014, Threshold determination of “simultaneous contrast” and “spreading”

Haley Barkely Haley Barkely
2013  Development of a perceptually geometric gray scale on polyester woven substrate

Chris Ohnstad  Chris Ohnstad
2013, Effect of certain chemical and mechanical treatments on colorimetric attributes of polyester substrate dyed with disperse dyes

2011- Shepherd1 Sarah Shepherd
2011, Brunescence and Its Influence on Assessment of Small Color Differences.

troy_tomasino Troy Tomassino
2011, Development of a Sample Set around a CIE High Chroma Blue Color Center.

2010- Sarah J Simpson1 Sarah Jane Simpson
2011, Development of a ‘gray’ hue circle.

adam_stegall Adam Stegall
2010, Development of a Fabric based Gray Scale for Assessment of Color Change.

Hal-Walrod Hal Walrod
2007,  Establishing a Translucency Index for Textiles Using Translucent Compression Garments.

Mike Sedito Michael Sedito
2007,Determination of Unique Hues based on Munsell Chips.

Kevin Bullock Kevin Bullock
2006, Determining the Effect of Relative Humidity, Fabric Structure, and Finishing on Colorimetric Properties of Direct Dyed Cotton Fabrics.

Karmann Cressman (Mills) Karmen Cressman
2005,Comparison of Large and Medium Color Differences measured by the DigiEye and a Conventional Integrating Datacolor Spectrophotometer.