Medical textiles are one of the major growing markets for textiles in America as well as world-wide, with the value of sales exceeding several billion dollars annually. Medical textiles and healthcare products use a variety of polymers, fibers, fabric constructions and finishing / coatings. With the increasing awareness about the resorbable polymer systems and development in the fiber spinning technologies, there is an immense potential for research and development in the field of Bio-Medical Textiles, especially implantable and/or resorbable biotextiles and tissue engineering substrates.

Novel spinning technologies producing nanofibers and bicomponent fibers and developments in weaving, knitting, braiding and nonwoven technologies combined with latest surface modification techniques provide numerous ways to construct a textile structure which can perform a desired role inside/outside the human body and at the same time is bio-compatible. However, many of these technologies are young and therefore untapped. Development of Bio-Medical textiles requires a multidisciplinary research which provides the motivation for our research.

Our research can be broadly classified as: