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3-Dimensional body scanning is a revolutionary new technology that is changing many aspects of the apparel industry. With 3D body scanning, hundreds of body measurements can be extracted in less than 10 seconds. This information can be used to create custom clothing, model and create garments for virtual dressing, and help research for changing the sizing standards for the clothing industry. At NC State College of Textiles, a 3D body scanner is housed in the Digital Design Center and is being utilized for numerous types of research.

For the process of scanning, a subject enters a dressing room where they change into a body suit. Stepping into the scanner, the subject has lights that will flash over their body like something out of Star Wars. [Click here for video] During those few seconds, hundreds of body measurements will be taken. The subject will change back into their street clothes and receive a printout of their body measurements. The process is totally private and the data remains confidential.